BottomsUpOrange – Wreaths!

By: Christine Cardimen

Featuring: Megan Ashley – Splendid Season’s Decor!

I saw Megan’s floral wreaths last year at the Lavender Festival and honestly, I thought they were real flowers. Last summer she held her own for the first time at a craft show, and now she’s on to making and selling more, including a soon-to-be small business website! Megan does an amazing job at turning silk flowers into delicate floral wreaths. I’d hang any of these in my family room or on my front door! So much talent and creativity, has she, my little work ‘Padawan turned Jedi Knight’….just take a look & enjoy some of her pictures below!

Wild Flowers – for me!!!
Lavender Festival Blooms1
Lavender Festival Blooms2
Lavender Festival Wreaths!
Floral Wreaths1
Floral Wreaths2

I love the messages and the different colors, textures, and styles of flowers that she uses. The lemons are completely adorable, just like my Megan! You will see her soon (with me) at the Lavender Festival (Indigo Fest) on 7/30 at Indigo Lavender Farms, in Imlay City, MI! Megan will have about 50 new wreaths for sale! Come check it out for a fun, summer day on the farm!

BUO&friends – Christine&Megan

6 responses to “BottomsUpOrange – Wreaths!”

  1. I wish I lived closer! Indigo Fest sounds amazing. Her work is gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! It will be nice…u pick lavender, food, vendors, fun…can’t wait!


      1. U pick lavender??? Oh my!! I’ve only seen lavender fields in pictures!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes they have different varieties and they give you scissors and a band, and you can cut as much as you can fit in the band!


          1. Oh my goodness!!! How cool!

            Liked by 1 person

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