BottomsUpOrange – Gardening!

By: Christine Cardimen

Better late than never…we added a few more plants after another visit to the farmer’s market. Now lots of water is needed because it’s hot here in MI!

Bunny & Sweet Pepper!
Basil Growing!
Tomato & Pepper Plants!
Fresh water in the Hosta!
Left of Q’s foot are the carrots sprouting!!!!

Now wait. Water. Water more. Grow. Wait. Grow more. Harvest. Keep growing…..grow until over-grown lol….always enjoy!


3 responses to “BottomsUpOrange – Gardening!”

  1. I’ve never grown herbs. Maybe I’ll try it! Beautiful pictures!

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    1. Tx! Yes try, and then use them, it’s gratifying!!!!

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      1. I’ll do that. My husband loves seasonings and spices, but we rarely get any fresh ones besides cilantro. Great idea, thank you.

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