BottomsUpOrange – Songbirds!

In the UP-MI (Upper Peninsula)

I love UPNorthYarns! They can be found on Etsy, see link below!

UpNorthYarns sells hand dyed yarns in colors that are not only beautiful, they are inspired from nature. The amazing colors dyed resemble all four seasons, gorgeous hues from flower beds, the Great Lakes, and various beautiful colors all over the UP. Monica does a great job, she really has a passion and a gift for hand dying yarn!

I like the ‘songbird of the month club’…every month a new yarn is dyed to match a songbird’s colors and only pre-ordered quantities are made. You can select your yarn weight which is a plus, I use SW Aran weight.

May Songbird Yarn
May Poncho1
May Poncho2
May Poncho3
May Poncho In Progress!
June Songbird Yarn1
June Songbird Yarn2
June Poncho In Progress!
Adding additional color!

I can’t wait to see July’s songbird yard! I plan to make a poncho a month with this yarn, adding other yarns to match. And nope, these won’t get sold, they are too special!


4 responses to “BottomsUpOrange – Songbirds!”

  1. Gorgeous yarn colors. Thank you for the link, I looked at her shop. Love those project bags- makes me want to take my jewelry art on the go.

    Your ponchos are fabulous. My grandmas made me ponchos when I was little. I still have them.

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    1. Awww so sweet you still have them! Precious. I have a pic of me & my sister when we were little both wearing ponchos (mine dk blue, hers orange) and I want to make new ones and recreate the pic!

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      1. Oh my gosh!! That’s a great idea!!

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    2. And thank you! That is my capelet poncho pattern & I started writing it up but didn’t finish…on my list 2do!

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