BottomsUpOrange – Dyeing Wins & Losses!

By: Christine Cardimen

Simply put, the wool , mordant, and yellow hues get my win vote. The berries, not so much. The berries faded when drying, and lost more color when rinsing. It was disappointing, however, I did read beforehand that berries tend to fade so yes I got the same result as others!

  • WINS:
  • 1. Turmeric
  • 2. Coffee
  • 3. Wool
  • 4. Pre-mordant
  • 5. Food coloring & vinegar
  • 6. Yarn conditioning soak
  • 1. Berries – fade
  • 2. Acrylic – maybe ok with pre-mordant
  • 3. Yellow onion – dull
Turmeric is my favorite!!!!
Yellow onion re-dyed in yellow food coloring is great!
Coffee turned out nice!
The berries are on the outside – too much fading!
Acrylic, no mordant, in turmeric & yellow onion. At first I liked this until I realized it looked like corn on the cob….LOL!

I think the natural food items were messy and didn’t provide rich colors. I’m still determined to try another wool batch, using pre-mordant, but this time with the food coloring/vinegar mixture. Just for fun of course, to see what kind of new colors I can get!!!!!

BUO- Christine!!

3 responses to “BottomsUpOrange – Dyeing Wins & Losses!”

  1. Wow! The turmeric is incredible! Such a deep color! Had no idea turmeric could do that! The coffees are beautiful. I like the berry ones- subtle comes to mind. Corn on the cob made me laugh. Ha!

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  2. The turmeric is fab!!

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    1. I agree, thank you!!!!!!


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