BottomsUpOrange – Garden mid-June!

By: Christine Cardimen

I’m a little behind schedule this year, but just by a few weeks. We planted some vegetable plants & herbs from the Farmer’s Market yesterday, and I still need to get a few more plants to finish it all off. I know from prior experience how much everything grows & spreads, so I’m being careful not to buy too much because I don’t want to over-crowd everything in this little garden. Our bunnies loved the strawberry leaves we took home!!!

Seeds from my YarnYay! subscription box!
Red Romaine – 1st time trying this!
Rosemary – love this!
Lavender – a must have!
Basil – another must have!
Cilantro & Parsley for the bunnies…they like mine better than store bought!
This is a picture of the seed variety of carrots that I purchased online. Last year they turned out amazing and the bunnies totally loved them!
A perfect heart left by a squirrel I presume!

Later last night, at Brad’s house, we got to see all of his pretty flowers too! Enjoy!

Lots of fun, love the garden and flowers, especially perennials for me!


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