BottomsUpOrange – Crochet!

The Granny Square

By: Christine Cardimen

When I was younger we had a black granny square blanket in the family room that everyone cuddled up with to keep warm. It was made by my grandma, and I just loved it. It had bright colors in each black square; yellow, orange, green, red, and blue, to name a few. I always knew it was special, even at a young age, passing something handmade down from generation to generation seemed very important. Today, handmade items are still very special and sentimental to me. We do it now for tradition, to be crafty, to make something homemade for a friend or family member, or just for fun. But back in the day, scrap yarn was treasured, and scraps were the perfect size to be able to make the short rows in a small granny square. Then by putting all the squares together, a large blanket could be made, for warmth and necessity. Using small pieces to make a larger blanket was an ingenious idea, grown out of being thrifty and frugal, leaving no yarn scraps to waste. Usually it was a woman/grandma crocheting, and thus became the name ‘Granny Square’. Check back for my next post with a free pattern on How2 Crochet a Granny Square!

Christine Cardimen @ BUO

4 responses to “BottomsUpOrange – Crochet!”

  1. That’s a heart-warming view of a granny square project, Christine !
    And in truth, had we stuck with the blanket theme, and its countless permutations, Granny might be more affectionately thought of.

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